Designing a flexible design system, website and identity for a behavior change & achievements platform.


Conjure is a new a behavior change & achievements platform built by solopreneur James Whelton. We worked with James in short sprints over to help create a visual identity, a web app, a website and a component library to enable him to launch and grow his application.

Role Brand, Website, Web App, Design System,
Category SaaS
Year 2021 - 22
Peblo logo large
Peblo website
Peblo website
Peblo website
Peblo website hero
Peblo website
Peblo web app mobile
Conjure Habits

What the client said

"I’ve collaborated with C&H on a number of projects. They’re my favourite product designers I’ve worked with in my career. Everyone has positive things to say about them (even behind their back)."

James Whelton Founder, Conjure


We’re open for business and new collaborations late Q3, 2024.

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